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European Training and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology

Radiation dose management of pregnant patients, pregnant staff and paediatric patients in diagnostic and interventional radiology



A practical challenge to be solved: How can we better protect the pregnant patient?

Importance and impact of the training module: Estimation of conceptus dose is needed after intentional or inadvertent irradiation of a pregnant patient with a diagnostic X-ray procedure. These low dose exposures may be a source of major anxiety. Children are more radiosensitive than adults. Methods developed to estimate dose to unborn child from diagnostic X-ray examinations performed on the mother will be discussed. This course also addresses present patient specific dosimetry methods associated with radiological examinations for children and adolescents.

Lead: prof. J. Damilakis, author of many scientific publications in this domain and invited lecturer at the European Conference of Radiology during several years, UOC (partner 11).


Find more information about the course in the Module Approval Form which you can download here .