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European Training and Education for Medical Physics Experts in Radiology

High dose X-ray procedures in Interventional Radiology and Cardiology: establishment of robust protocols for patient and staff dose



A practical challenge to be solved: How to avoid deterministic effects at eyelens and skin of patient and operator?

Importance and impact of the training module: The ICRP published in April 2011 a statement that for the lens of the eye the threshold for tissue reactions is now considered to be 0.5 Gy, resulting in a new occupational dose limit for the lens of the eye of 20 mSv in a year. The new lower limit has important implications for some areas of occupational exposure, including interventional radiology and cardiology, emphasizing the need for optimization of protection measures with respect to the lens of the eye and appropriate staff dose monitoring system. The same procedures have the potential to deliver eye lens doses to the patients approaching the 0.5Gy limit; patient skin doses higher than the thresholds for skin injuries have to be addressed and this especially for the growing group of obese patients. Optimisation of equipment and procedures and advanced computational methods for on-line dose distribution assessment are essential elements of a quality assurance programme.

Lead: A. Trianni, ASUIUD, R. Padovani, ICTP (partner 12) and prof. E.Vano, SERMAS (partner 3) all involved in a wide spectrum of measurement campaigns (ex. IAEA) and teaching courses.


Find more information about the course in the extended abstract which you can download here .